COLLECTORS  10 tubes   20 tubes and  24 tubes metal heat tubes


Thanks to its special thermal heat pipe inside vacuum tube for heat transfer, the heater can dispense with the water feeding into the vacuum tube, and has the following advantages, such as big power, high efficiency, long service life, fast start, and outstanding resistance to freeze and temperature strain. This kind of water heater features excellent thermal characteristics(heat-exchange rate up to 55% or above even in winter), high operating temperature, all-weather application, and high reliability( in good working order even at -50C).


1.Stronger heat collection :the efficiency of heat collection of single pipe increase 1 time .
2.Scientific principle: heat collector and water storage tank are separated. The heat collector is made from metallic heat-collection flask pipes and can collect solar energy.
3.Simple operation: It is not necessary to keep watch and can operate all the year around.
4.Intelligent control: The system is equipped with computer automatic procedure and electric heating system to supplement heat.
5.Wide application: The whole heat collection project can meet not only the requirement of hot water in all fields but also can be used for many other fields such as warming, industrial heating ,swimmingpool, etc.