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A group of some 1,200 islands, 202 of which are inhabited, lying between  just south of the equator and 8 degrees north in Northern Indian Ocean, 675 kilometres southwest of Sri Lanka.
Neighboring countries:northeast: Sri Lanka; and,north: India.
Time:Greenwich Mean Time plus 5 hours.
Climate: tropical;

temperature range 25 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius;most of area subject to the southwest monsoon (June-August) and the northwest monsoon (November-March);rainfall heaviest during southwest monsoon season; and,annual rainfall averages 254 centimetres in north, 381 centimetres in south.



 Male (estimated population 56,060).

Population: 209,000 increasing by 3.4 per cent per year;44.8 per cent under 15 years of age;life expectancy 60 years; and,infant mortality 77 per 1,000 live births.

Main language:

Dhivehi. English used as a second language.

Main religion:Islam

1 Rufiyaa (Maldivian Rupee) (US$0.095) = 100 laari (larees).

Exports:fresh and dried fish, clothing, sea cucumber.
Imports:manufactured goods, petroleum products, foodstuffs (including rice), intermediate and capital goods.
Main industries:fishing, garments, coconut processing, shipping.
Main crops:coconut, millet, sorghum, maize.
Tourism:rapidly expanding industry and Maldives' largest source of foreign exchange; approximately 170,000 visitors per year.
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