NBF series recirculated air sterilizer (mobile type)

UVC recirculated sterilizer applies indoor air circulation design, with multi-layer filters and high efficiency UVC light tube, to filter the dust in air quickly and kill the pathogenic viruses and bacteria. This lowers indoor air contamination, improves air quality, stops the disease spread through air and prevents respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, flu etc. The air sterilizer can be operated continuously and efficiently to disinfect pathogens and clean dust without harm to people.

Application circumstance: 
(1)Medical places:
Class II, III health places regulated in 《Disinfection technology regulations》by the Ministry of Health
(2)Public places:
1.school 2.office 3.buildings4.meeting room 5.reception room 6.laboratory                       7.bus
8.workshop 9.library 10.airport11.cinema12.hotel 13.health resort     14 home

Product effectiveness:
= complete disinfection of airborne bacteria, viruses and eradication of contamination sources.
= disinfection efficiency 3-4 times higher than traditional UV lamps of the same power.
= No ozone and negative ions produced.

Product feature:
(1)Disinfection expert:
◆PLC controlled automatic operation.
◆High, medium and low wind speed selection, suitable for various disinfection circumstances.
◆continuous operation, suitable for places with people present
◆patented internal construction design, ensuring no UV leakage and optimum recirculated air flow.
◆intelligent identification of UV lamp operation state.
◆High quality UV light tubes with a lifetime more than 12,000 h. 
(2)Filtering expert:
Class 2 air filters remove dust (pathogens), smoke and volatile gases, easy installation and maintenance.
◆Class 1 pre-filters remove dust and ensures the cleanliness of UV lamp.
◆Class 2 multiplayer active carbon filters remove volatile chemicals, smoke and odor.
Technical specification:
◆Maximum air flow: 800 m3/h
◆Nominal power: ≤ 210 W
◆Suggested volume: ≤ 100 m3/set
◆Noise: ≤ 60 dB (max air flow)
◆Dimensions: 1100×400×400 (H×W×L) mm

Health licenses of “Domestic products involving disinfectant and disinfecting appliance” by the Ministry of health: Health licenses (2003) No.0087.
Health licenses of manufacturing enterprise: Fujian health license (2003) No.0087
The product passed IEC601-1-1988 test.